Monday, September 28, 2009

Improving Situation

Good News!

I have installed a new version of Windows 7 onto my computer, so I can now actually use it! It connects to the internet and everything! Windows 7 is pretty cool by the way.

Along with a new OS, comes the unfortunate news of me losing my nice video editing software. This will be remedied soon enough. Until then, I'm hoping to use whatever crappy software I can find and pump out a video or two.

I'm back!

-- Chris

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alas, I wish I could give you all.

My dear friends, I have had some bad luck with my new computer here in California. I have many videos to show you and should get everything up and running within the week. I will try to blog many times and give you a good idea of what exactly is happening here. Many interesting and new things are happening, both in my MFA program as well as in my spare time.

Until I can give you more, here is an electronic letter that I sent to Raymond Jivoff that explains much of my happenings to this point:



The land out here in the wild west is unlike anything I have ever imagined. Strange, large posts rise from the dirt and are topped with wide green leaves. The local people call them "palm trees." Small, green, dog-like creatures with long tails roam the grasslands. "Geckos" - the likes of which I only faintly recall laying my eyes on in Wisconsin insurance commercials.

Loud bells ring, and bright, white lights flash every now and then, which after hearing, the only option is to leave my domicile. After descending the stairway, I learn from my neighbors that the people living below us - in what they call "sixty-three-OH-too" - are widely known for their ethnic, oriental-style cooking, which produces much smoke and trips the alarms. I and my new living companion Schutte wait patiently as the local authorities arrive, leave because they did not bring the correct keys, and return again to finally silence the deafening clatter... which I hear that I must expect to occur again within a fortnight.

This university has reaquainted me with what I only vaguely remember from my studies and early career in the Midwest. I must "Audition" for roles, rather than just flexing my man-muscles as I pass the higher-ups and artistic administrators as I stroll the streets of Milwaukee. Though I have not partook in such customs for quite some time, I believe that I have completed them to their liking and should be sent word by the next full moon as to their decision. I will be sure to let you know the outcome as soon as I am physically capable.

Until we are able to communicate again - Farewell Raymond. I hope that all is well on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Christophe Klopotovich

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Skylight Open House Sept. 1

A short video Skylight's Open House and Concert season kickoff celebration.